05 juli 2012

Gaelic Working Song

Queen Benderloch


White the sheep that gave the wool
Green the pastures where they
Blue the skies above the pool
Where at noon they made their bed

Sing the garden of the sea 
From whose flowers we won the dye 
Sing of sea-tang wild and free 
From our misty Isle of Skye 

Light the hearts that love the sea 
Brown the face that seeks the sun 
Brown and happy, here we are 
Singing till our task is done 

Move the web towards the sun 
Round the table, thump and rub 
Stretch and clap till all is done 
Stretch and clap and thump and rub 

Now is waulked the web we spun 
Winter storms may rave in vain 
Bless the work by which we won 
Comfort from the wind and rain

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